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Gantry Type Welding Platform

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A gantry type welding platform is a specialized welding system that is commonly used for the fabrication and assembly of large and heavy metal structures. It is characterized by its gantry structure, which consists of two upright beams that support a crossbeam or bridge. This design provides a stable and elevated platform for positioning and welding workpieces.

Product Advantage

One of the main advantages of a gantry type welding platform is its versatility and adaptability. The crossbeam can be equipped with various welding equipment and tools, such as welding machines, torches, and fixtures, to support different welding techniques and processes. The platform can also be customized to accommodate specific workpiece sizes, shapes, and weights.

The gantry structure allows for easy access to all sides of the workpiece, enabling efficient welding of complex structures. It can be equipped with additional features, such as rotating or tilting mechanisms, to enable better positioning and manipulation of the workpiece during welding.

Safety is a crucial consideration in the design and operation of a gantry type welding platform. The structure must be robust and stable to support the weight of the workpiece and withstand the forces generated during welding. Safety measures, such as guardrails, safety harnesses, and non-slip surfaces, are implemented to protect the operators and prevent accidents.


Product Uses

Shipbuilding: The gantry type welding platform is extensively used in the shipbuilding industry for welding ship hulls, decks, and other structural components. The platform's stability and versatility allow for efficient and precise welding of large and complex ship structures.

Bridge construction: Gantry type welding platforms are crucial in the construction of bridges, especially for welding the steel girders and beams. The platform's stability and elevated working surface enable accurate positioning and welding of these critical bridge components.

Heavy machinery manufacturing: Industries that produce heavy machinery, such as construction equipment, cranes, and mining machinery, rely on gantry type welding platforms for the welding of large and complex metal components. The platform's design allows for easy access to all sides of the workpiece, ensuring efficient and accurate welding.

Offshore structures: The construction of offshore structures, such as oil rigs and wind turbines, requires the welding of massive steel components. Gantry type welding platforms are utilized to support the welding process, allowing for the fabrication of strong and reliable structures that can withstand harsh marine environments.

Power plant construction: Gantry type welding platforms are used in the construction of power plants, particularly for welding boiler components, pipes, and pressure vessels. The platform's stability and flexibility enable efficient welding of these critical components, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the power plant.

Aerospace industry: The gantry type welding platform is also employed in the aerospace industry for welding aircraft components, such as fuselages, wings, and engine mounts. The platform's stability and precision are crucial in ensuring the structural integrity and safety of the aircraft.


Q: How to guarantee machine quality?

A: (1)The key parts of the machine comes from China top or world well known manufacturer, such bearing, hydraulic system, lead screw.

(2)Processing equipment imported from USA, Europe or China top manufacturer

(3)Testing device imported from Germany, USA.

(4)We own professional design team using 2D and 3D design method.

(5)We own a professional production team

Q: Can we do OEM for you?

A: Yes

Q: Can I change the voltage as per customer’s needs?

A: Yes

Q: Pre-acceptance

A: (1)Welcome your visiting for inspection

(2)Taking inspection video and providing testing report

Q: Installation and training:

A: Installation:

(1)Have a high-skilled and high-quality installation and commissioning team;

(2)Take the initiative to provide customers with the bill of materials that the customer needs to prepare when the machine tool is installed before the machine tool is shipped;

(3)Engineering will install the machine do training on site

(4)Installation guide and video are provided for installation if the machine is delivered as a whole machine

(5)Live video can be connected with you for guiding customer to install it

(6)Provide timely and professional installation and commissioning services for Starfish machinery Training

(7)After installation, guide the user how to use the machine correctly.

(8)User’s manual is supplied.


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