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About Us

Starfish Ruhr Heavy Machinery Technology (Dalian) Co.,Ltd has a clear vision of where key industries are headed and how we can help customers reach their goals by thinking our way around obstacles, creating solutions and finding answers to complex technical and engineering challenges.

We have rich experience in the design, component manufacturing, installation, debugging, training and operation of machine tools

The machine tools can meet various compound needs including turning, milling, drilling, grinding and also processing more complex parts.

Cooperation with Italian companies to develop and produce machine tools, cooperated, Exported to Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Russia, Germany, Franch, Italy, Poland etc.. Some of African nations and almost all Asian nations.
Expert Handling of CNC Milling Machine
Crafting Excellence with Welding Rotators Production Line
Vertical lathes receive certification for quality and innovation


Collaborating Through Starfish Machinery Technology

Quality Guarantee

Ensuring Top-Quality in Every CNC Machinery

We always feel that all successes of our company is directly related to the quality of the products, we offer and are trusted by world-wide customers.

Company Value

Upholding Values in Every Machinery We Craft

Everything we do follows the moral norms of goodness, responsibility and happiness. Morality, This is our banner. The relationship with customers is based on mutual respect and acknowledge their values and rights. The commitment to our challenges is the guarantee for the benefit of everyone. We believe that fairness and tolerance can promote the development of the entire organization, give full play to the greatest potential of individuals, and establish a happy life we are proud.


It comes from a sense of honor and is based on respect for oneself and others. Lead people to act with integrity.


This is one of the outstanding human values, oriented to the mutual cooperation between people, especially when encountering difficulties.


Be aware that what we do or stop doing may have some consequences for others or ourselves.


To give our personality with character, order and efficiency, to help us do our work better and be trustworthy.


It helps us to effectively exchange thoughts, thoughts and feelings with people around us in a cordial atmosphere.


We add up, we all need each other, we are the protagonists of the same project and the same story, we pursue a common goal.


Whether you treat others or yourself, always act in accordance with the values of justice, honesty, truth and justice.

Contact Us

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Starfish Ruhr Heavy Machinery Technology (Dalian) Co.,Ltd started with lathe machine tool. Senior engineer and chief engineer with 35-45 years working experience in machine tool industry. Starfish Machinery is specializing in vertical lathe,vertical lathe with milling function, horizontal lathe, Boring milling machine, welding boom column



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