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Vertical lathe casting is for double column vertical lathe

High-quality castings are the basis for ensuring stable performance and machining accuracy of vertical lathe. The main components of vertical lathe, such as spindle box, bed, base, etc. are castings made of cast iron or cast steel materials. These castings need to have high strength, high hardness,

Fixed CNC double column vertical lathe is exported to Russia

CNC double column vertical latheers of vertical lathes, based in Russia, has recently exported these advanced machines to various industries within the country. This move is expected to further boost Russia's manufacturing sector and contribute to its economic growth.The introduction of these state-

Horizontal Lathe Machine of High Quality - Starfish Slant Bed CNC Lathe

The electric spindle technology combines the machine spindle and the spindle motor. The high-speed CNC machine's main drive mechanism eliminates the belt or gear drive, and the machine spindle is directly driven by the built-in motor, reducing the length of the main drive chain to zero. It realizes

Efficient Processing Solution of Spinneret 0.2mm Micro-hole from Neway CNC Equipmen

The spinneret head (spinneret), which contains multiple spinneret holes for the melt to travel through, is the central component of the melt spraying cloth production equipment. The spinneret holes are tough to process micro-holes with a diameter of roughly 0.2 mm.

"Rigidity King"-a new generation of CNC Lathe

As the manufacturing business evolves, increasing demands are placed on the performance of processing equipment. Neway CNC Equipment, relying on years of technological accumulation and deep expertise in R&D and manufacture, launches a new generation of SK-HP series CNC horizontal lathes with increas

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