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Providing equipment and accessory for heavy industries to world wide

Civil Aviation

Civil aviation industries use a great deal of helicopters, autogiros, rockets, space shuttles and planet explorers as typical aerocraft. Airplane is the closest to our everyday life and mostly used in the air.    
Civil aviation industry are usually complicated in structure, various in raw material, different in properties and need precise, stable and full function machines. Starfish machines are graceful in shape, quick response, stable system, precise, higher torque and simultaneous multi axes operation. We also offer on-the-spot inspection design for customers.

Ship Building Industry

Shipbuilding industry in China is focused on Bohai, Yangtze and Pearl River estuary area. The development of China shipbuilding requires to make and process key parts by ourselves.    
The parts in this industry is usually of large size. Starfish machines are designed stronger and with higher torque performance and butting ability. They are more reliable and the gantry/portal machines are designed with longer travel for large size parts like bed seat or frameworks.

Electric Industry

Along with the rapid development of IT industry, electric industry needs production equipment in large quantity. Integrated circuit equipment, electronic parts equipment, SMT parts production and pasting equipment, PCB printing circuit equipment, electronic pattern, electronic tools, electric tooling etc are included.    
Electronic industry requires CNC machines for small parts production. Starfish small size vertical machine centers are designed with stable and of high speed. Full function turning machine with linear tools and vertical machine center with high speed direct drive spindle shall meet the needs of processes in electronic industry.

Mold Industry

Pattern is an integrated part of the manufacture industry. Comprised of injection pattern,pressing pattern,die-casting pattern and forging pattern,the modern patterns become more and more complicated and the products need to be updated at a quicker speed. More and more CNC equipment might meet the need of this situation.    
High speed and accuracy are the basic requirement for pattern making. Starfish CNC equipment is of reasonable design,high accuracy and high efficiency. VMR machines with hard rail are good for curve process and HM machines for large size pattern making.


Machinery engineering industry has become the leading industry in China after a long and stable development. The grabbing machines,bucketing machines,cranes,building machines,agriculture machinery are widely used in civil building,railway,high way,port,farmland,electric and mining industries.


Vehicle industry is in market for CNC machines in large quantity to meet the need of updating. It is critical to have efficient, stable and durable machines and mature process control.
For vehicle industry, we recommend composing production lines for highly integrated production by using our efficient,stable and multi functional machines.


Valve is an indispensable flow control device in national economic fields like petrol chemical, power generation, pipelines, shipbuilding and nuclear. The valve is used to stop, throttle, change pressure or flow of the medium in the pipelines. Valves used in industrial and civil engineering are generally: gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly, throttle, safety and relieve valves.    

Based on 20 some years of experience in valves and petrol equipment, Starfish is able to offer CNC machines with better cutting performance. High torque and rigidity are the main requirements of valve and petrol equipment. With facing plate installed on Starfish horizontal machine center, complicated cutting process is possible. Starfish developed efficient gantry drilling center to enable efficient working process of large size valves. Stable CNC equipment assures you with better opportunities, shorter working time and lower cost.

Pressure Vessel

The pressure vessel is welded to meet its needs in extreme environments such as high pressure and high temperature. Pressure vessel welding is usually carried out by automatic welding or manual welding, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, high strength and high quality. In the welding process, it is necessary to strictly control the welding temperature, welding speed, welding pressure and other parameters to ensure the quality and stability of the welded joint. At the same time, process controls such as non-destructive testing and heat treatment are also required to ensure the reliability and safety of welded joints. Pressure vessel welding is one of the key technologies in industrial manufacturing, which is widely used, including petrochemical, nuclear industry, aerospace, military industry and other fields
Starfish Ruhr Heavy Machinery Technology (Dalian) Co.,Ltd started with lathe machine tool. Senior engineer and chief engineer with 35-45 years working experience in machine tool industry. Starfish Machinery is specializing in vertical lathe,vertical lathe with milling function, horizontal lathe, Boring milling machine, welding boom column



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