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Offshore Wind Tower Welding Production Line

Starfish dedicate to the wind energy turbine tower whole plant high efficiency welding production automation line solution, and innovative advanced technology research development and application.
Accumulating experience from the successful application of automated welding production plant in sphere of wind power energy in China & globally in last decades years, and developing along with sophisticated expert in sphere of automated welding industry, we have insight into the prospective of the wind power energy industry, and continuously integrating the advanced welding technology into our product. With the virtuous circle, we are able to service the global land windmill, offshore windmill plant to provide demanding analyze, planning and design, manufacturing, erection & commissioning, operation management and so on whole flow turnkey solution.
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Product Advantage

  1. Increased Efficiency: The production line streamlines the welding process, allowing for continuous and automated welding operations. This leads to higher productivity and reduced manufacturing lead times.

  2. Consistent Quality: Automation and precision control in the welding process ensure consistent and high-quality welds, reducing the likelihood of defects and rework.

  3. Cost-Effectiveness: By automating the welding process, the production line can help reduce labor costs and minimize material waste, leading to overall cost savings in the manufacturing process.

Product Uses

The offshore wind tower welding production line, tube welding equipment is used in the manufacturing of wind turbine towers for offshore wind farms. Wind turbine towers are large steel structures that support the nacelle and rotor blades of the wind turbine. The welding production line is designed to automate and streamline the welding process for these towers.


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