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Profile Bending Machine

Profile bending machine is a kind of highly effective processing equipment which especially used in various ofspecial sections, such as angle steel, channel steel, I-steel, flat steel, sauare steel, round steel and so on, Thismachine can complete the procedure of bending circle and corrective round working with one time load the material
Profile blending machine is widely used in the petroleum, chemical industry, water and electricity, shipbuilding
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Product Advantage

This bending machine only needs one set of assembly mould, can bending

angle steel, channel steel, flat steel, square steel, square tube, l-steel, light rail.

H-steel and so on,except bend pipe.

Product Feature

1. The equipment is small in size, compact and reasonable in structure, reliable in performance, convenient in operation and maintenance, and bending accuracy meets the requirements of industry standards;

2. It has the function of pre-bending at the end of the profile, and completes the bending and forming of the workpiece without turning around at one time;

3. Structure: three-roller arc type.

4. Drive main type: the three work rollers are the main drive rollers, which are realized by hydraulic motors and gears, the position of the upper roller is fixed, and the lifting of the two lower rollers is hydraulic transmission, which can do arc lifting movement around the fixed rotary center, and the lifting displacement screen displays, and the work roller is equipped with an idler and a correction guide device, so as to ensure the rolling quality of the profile with asymmetrical section;

5. The idler correction roller can achieve three movements:

A. It can do lifting exercises.

B. It can be used with the lower roller at the same time to do arc lifting movement;

C. It can do rotary movement at the same time, digital display of motion status, eye-catching and intuitive, and observe the forming quality of the profile in the rolling process at any time;

6. Equipped with an independent mobile console, easy to operate and use.

7. By replacing the mold, you can roll curved angle steel, flat steel, channel steel, I-beam, light rail, steel pipe and other profiles;

8. The mold is made of 42CrMo forgings, quenched and tempered HB235~270, and quenched as a whole, with good comprehensive mechanical properties, high strength, strong wear resistance, suitable for high-load work, and long service life.



Q: How to guarantee machine quality?

A: (1)The key parts of the machine comes from China top or world well known manufacturer, such bearing, hydraulic system, lead screw.

(2)Processing equipment imported from USA, Europe or China top manufacturer

(3)Testing device imported from Germany, USA.

(4)We own professional design team using 2D and 3D design method.

(5)We own a professional production team

Q: Can we do OEM for you?

A: Yes

Q: Can I change the voltage as per customer’s needs?

A: Yes

Q: Pre-acceptance

A: (1)Welcome your visiting for inspection

(2)Taking inspection video and providing testing report

Q: Installation and training:

A: Installation:

(1)Have a high-skilled and high-quality installation and commissioning team;

(2)Take the initiative to provide customers with the bill of materials that the customer needs to prepare when the equipment  is installed before the equipment is shipped;

(3)Engineering will install the machine do training on site

(4)Installation guide and video are provided for installation if the machine is delivered as a whole machine

(5)Live video can be connected with you for guiding customers to install it

(6)Provide timely and professional installation and commissioning services for Starfish machinery Training

(7)After installation, guide the user how to use the machine correctly.




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