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Double Column Vertical Turning Milling Lathe

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This CXK52 series of double column vertical turning and milling machine is our company absorbs contemporary advanced design and manufacturing technology, adopts finite element analysis calculation and optimization design methods, implements the latest national precision standards, configures advanced functional components at home and abroad, realizes strong cutting in structural performance, high dynamic and static rigidity of machine tools, safe and reliable movements, long service life and high processing efficiency of high-tech mechatronics machine tools.

This large live tool vertical lathe has 1 spindle (milling spindle), X, Z, C three feed axes, for three-axis linkage multi-functional, high-efficiency CNC double-column vertical turning and milling machine.


The lathe is equipped with C axis for milling, boring, drilling, tapping

Item Unit CXK5225 CXK5235 CXK5240 CXK5250
Max. Worktable diameter mm 2500 3500 4000 5000
Max. Workpiece height mm 1600/2000/2200 1600/2000/2200 1600/2000/2200 4000
Worktable diameter mm 2250 2850 3150 4500
Max. Worktable weight t 10/16 10/16/20/32 10/16/32
Worktable rotation step
stepless stepless stepless stepless
Worktable rotation speed r/min 2~63 2~63 2~63 0.32~32
Max. Worktable torque KN·m 63 63 63 150
Main motor power kW 55 55 55 75/90
Weight t 41 45 47 200

Item Unit CXK5263 CXK5280 CXK52100 CXK52125
Max. Worktable diameter mm 6300 8000 10000 12500
Max. Workpiece height mm 4000 4000 4000 5500
Worktable diameter mm 5700 7100 7500 7500
Max. Worktable weight t 63/80
100/125/150 150/250 250
Worktable rotation step
stepless stepless stepless stepless
Worktable rotation speed r/min 0.32~32 0.32~32 0.2~20 0.16~16
Max. Worktable torque KN·m 150 150 640 640
Main motor power kW 90 90/132 132 132
Weight t 215 - - 465

Product Advantage

1. Gantry frame

The gantry is composed of a left column, a right column, a connecting beam, a worktable, etc. The gantry is connected to the foundation of the heavy duty vertical lathe with live tool Closed symmetrical frame; using high-strength low-stress cast iron, with sufficient rigidity and strength, to ensure the accuracy of the vertical turning lathe with long-term retention and stability.

2. Cross beam

The beam is placed in front of the column driven by a double-shaft extension AC motor, and driven by gears, worm gears, and lead screws to make the beam move vertically on the column

3. The worktable adopts 

A fixed-spindle-type short-spindle structure. A set of high-precision (P5) double-row short cylindrical roller bearings is installed on the spindle of large vertical lathe.

4. Vertical tool holder

This equipment is equipped with a tool holder, which is a CNC turning and milling tool holder.

Product Uses

The large double column vertical turning milling lathe is suitable for high-speed steel, cemented carbide and ceramic tools, rough and finishing of parts made of various ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and some non-metallic materials, and can complete the turning of internal and external cylindrical surfaces, internal and external conical surfaces, end faces, grooving, metric thread and rotary surfaces and other processes.



Q: How to guarantee machine quality?

A: (1)The key parts of the machine comes from China top or world well known manufacturer, such bearing, hydraulic system, lead screw.

    (2)Processing equipment imported from USA, Europe or China top manufacturer

    (3)Testing device imported from Germany, USA.

    (4)We own professional design team using 2D and 3D design method.

    (5)We own a professional production team

Q: Can we do OEM for you?

A: Yes

Q: Can I change the voltage as per customer’s needs?

A: Yes

Q: Pre-acceptance

A: (1)Welcome your visiting for inspection

    (2)Taking inspection video and providing testing report

Q: Installation and training:

A: Installation:

   (1)Have a high-skilled and high-quality installation and commissioning team;

   (2)Take the initiative to provide customers with the bill of materials that the customer needs to prepare when the machine tool is installed before the machine tool is shipped;

   (3)Engineering will install the machine do training on site

   (4)Installation guide and video are provided for installation if the machine is delivered as a whole machine

   (5)Live video can be connected with you for guiding customer to install it

   (6)Provide timely and professional installation and commissioning services for Starfish machinery Training

   (7)After installation, guide the user how to use the machine correctly.

   (8)User’s manual is supplied.


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